Members of MTP

Individual and Small Business Partner Listing

The Modern Transit Partnership would like to thank our current supporters. New contributors will be added on a quarterly basis.
2nd Quarter 2007

Carol S. Bower
Dennis P. Brenckle
Raymond W. Britcher
Matthew L. Byers
Bill Cologie – Transit News
Robert J. Dietz
Chloe Eichelberger
John L. Finlayson
Thurman T. Grossnickle & Edmund G. Good
Edwin L. Heim Co.
Jim Hoffer Family
Gerald K. Morrison, Esq.
Dr. Jay Moskowitz
Donald R. Moyer
Ralph E. Peters
Ken Sweigart
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Wright

3rd Quarter 2007

Nancy A. Besch
David Black
Madlyn Hanes
Thomas R. & Mary T. Helm Family
Thomas A. Kotay
Christopher Markley, Esq.
Russ Montgomery
Elizabeth Noon
Fred W. Seltzer
Thomas R. Stone, PhD

4th Quarter 2007

Robert Anspach

1st Quarter 2008

Nancy A. Besch
Karen Diener Best
Dennis P. Brenckle
Stephen J. Fotos
Dr. Madlyn Hanes
Harold “Hal” McInnes
John Ward